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As your tires take your car in and out of city traffic, across hills, and through various weather extremities, different types of tread wear can occur. Outer edge tread wear is usually an indication of underinflated tires, which often occurs in winter weather. Center tread wear is another commonplace issue, which is a sign of overinflated vehicle tires typically experienced in hot weather or after driving long periods. In addition to flat terrain wear, aggressive cornering or heavy reliance on power steering can cause a misalignment in your vehicle tires, which a professional should promptly inspect. We offer comprehensive tire alignment services in Beaumont, TX, to keep your car on the right track. Come to one of our Southeast storefronts today!

Why Choose Modica Bros.

Included with every tire purchase:


Multi-point Vehicle Inspection


Free Alignment Check


Top off all tires with proper air pressure

Laser precise computer balancing
Free Brake Pad Inspection
Extended Road-hazard warranty

Got Questions?

When do I need new tires?
  • Damages to the tire that cannot be fixed.
  • Your tread is below 4/32, or cannot pass the “penny” test.
  • Irregular tread wear.
  • Bulges, bumps or soft spots on the tire.
  • Footstep is significantly minimized or flush with the tread bars.
When should I bring in my vehicle for tire balancing?
  • If you intend on replacing 2 or 4 tires.
  • Every 4,000-6,000 miles, or sooner depending on daily road conditions.

Our experts can help determine whether your tires should be rotated and balanced based on wear or mileage.