The History of

In 1963, J.C. Modica was attending Lamar University on a full track scholarship. When deciding what to do with his future after college, he relied on his knowledge and experience in helping his father in managing gas stations. He decided to use a closed down cafe in front of his parents truck stop on College Street in Beaumont to sell tires. Having some familiarity tending to his father’s gas stations, He decided to open J.C.’s Tire Supply.

Since he was on a full scholarship and living at home, he was able to save up most of the money he made. He saved $10,000.00 (comparable to $85,000.00 today). After finishing college and joining the Army Reserve, J.C. returned home to operate his business.

When some land behind his daddy’s 11th Street gas station became available to purchase, J.C. asked his daddy about buying it. He asked if he could use the money he had saved up and have help to finance a note on the property. His daddy agreed. In 1970, J.C., along with his older brother Tommy and younger brother Sammy, built the first Modica Brothers Store on the corner of Washington Blvd and 11th Street in Beaumont, Texas. The older tire store owners in town started calling J.C. “The Kid”, as he was young and had the newest tire store in town.

Since “The Kid” arrived on the scene, he has managed to continue to grow and serve many surrounding communities. He has since lost both of his brothers, but J.C. continues to own and operate Modica Brothers today. When you ask him what the key to success is, he will humbly tell you God above, money management, hard work, and hiring the best employees!