Car Engine Repair

Thanks to modern technology, nearly all vehicles come equipped with a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL); informally known as the check engine light. This is a computerized system within your engine that monitors and alerts you to any potential issue. While small issues, such as a loose gas cap, can trigger this system, the problem could be more serious, such as a damaged belt or valve. Whenever this light comes on, we encourage you to speak with our Beaumont, TX, mechanics to determine if car engine repair is necessary. Another common trigger of the check engine light is a misfiring catalytic converter. This device takes toxic gas resulting from fuel use and converts it into harmless compounds. Without it, the exhaust produced by your car harms the environment, and you may require engine repair if it’s broken. For a comprehensive engine health check, contact Modica Bros. in Beaumont, TX, today.

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What they do:

Mostly all vehicles now are prepared with highly innovative electronic engine control systems that could recognize as well as prevent troubles that will harm your automobile. A computer system in your engine gets information from a network of sensing units and switches that informs your ignition, gas systems and emission control systems what to do. When one of those systems fails or misfires it causes the computer to turn on your check engine light.

Why service is essential:

A check engine light could indicate everything from a loosened gas cap to something even more severe like a blown head gasket. Having problems looked at as soon as possible could protect against various other failings of engine parts.

Call us at the very first indication of any kind of engine complications such as:

  • Noises and thumps
  • Unusually Low gas economy
  • Failing to pass an emissions examination
  • Dash panel alert lights

Our mechanics could examine a large number of engine elements by tapping in to your car’s computer system:

  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
  • Ignition System
  • Electrical Systems
  • Emissions
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Restraint Systems
  • Loosened or worn out hoses
  • Sensing units and Spark Plugs

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