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Start your vacation or morning commute off right by following Modica Bros tips for driving in wet, rainy, or inclement weather. You never know what type of weather you’ll come across, so it always helps to be prepared. To start right, before you even begin your trek in inclement conditions, you should always check on the condition of your vehicle and tires.

Tires can be an underrated safety feature on your vehicle. Your tires should have plenty of tread depth to evacuate standing water from between the road surface and the tire. If your current tires are worn down to anywhere near the wear bars (3/32nds or 4/32nds of an inch), it’s time to think about replacing your tires.

Tire pressure that is too low, or too high, can lead to reduced traction, premature tread wear, or tire failure. Your tire pressure should be checked regularly (at least once per month) to be sure that [...]

Help your tires last longer with care tips from Modica Bros.  Find out tips and tricks from our experts to help improve the smoothness of your ride, improve your gas mileage, and to help your tire investment last even longer.

At Modica Bros Tire and Wheel Center, we are asked quite a bit about how to help people save money on their tire purchases. As with anything in life, we believe in being proactive. So, before you are forced to buy a new tire, there are several things you can do to help those tires last longer and to extend the life of your tires so you don’t have to buy as often.

Remember, your tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually comes into contact with the road, so maintaining them will make for a smoother and safer ride.

First off, checking tire air pressure is important. Routinely making sure that your [...]

Modica Bros Tire and Wheel Centers in Southeast Texas are pleased to bring you important information about tires, wheels, brakes, and other general automotive maintenance to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.

One thing gaining in popularity is the ability to replace the air in your tires with nitrogen. This is important because nitrogen is less likely to dissipate through the rubber of your tires than oxygen. This means, over a longer period of time, your tire pressure will remain more stable. Some drivers in NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar, and other racing organizations have realized the potential of nitrogen in tires. They noticed that tires filled with nitrogen, as opposed to air, exhibit less pressure change with fluctuations in temperature. That means more consistent inflation pressures during a race as the tires heat up. For every day drivers, this is equally important because more stable pressure means it will help [...]

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